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ZOOM Cooking Class Recipes: Picnic Fare

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

NOTE: Here are plant-based recipes from my most recent cooking class on ZOOM. I put the directions opposite the ingredients, which I believe makes following the recipes easier. What do you think? However, while the directions are lined up correctly on my edited version, when I post it, the lineup is not perfect! Can’t seem to correct the issue.




(Pickled) Asian Coleslaw

(All items medium or high alkalinity)



Ingredients (Organic*)                                      Directions

½ cup  white cabbage}
1/2 cup red cabbage}                           Wash and grate cabbages into a large serving bowl.

1 Celery stalk and/or 1 Carrot              Wash & mince celery; grate carrot. Add to bowl.

1 Bubbie’s Dill Pickle (no vinegar)      Slice one dill pickle and add to bowl.

½ cup  pickle juice from Bubbie’s
Pickles (no vinegar)                               Add pickle juice to bowl and toss.

1-2 tsp. tamari soy sauce.                     Add to bowl and toss.

Fenugreek sprouts (optional)             Top with sprouts and serve chilled.

Note: Sprinkle on some black sesame seeds for added color.

Variation: Add slices of ripe avocado or puree with lemon juice and water and use instead of pickle juice.
Or add cut chestnuts. Also, you can cut the pieces of cabbage into large squares, like this below:

*Check with for the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen.



Roasted Potato Salad w/ Veggies
(All ingredients medium or high alkalinity, except potatoes, which are low alkalinity)

(The thin threads are pea shoot microgreens)

Preheat oven @ 350 degrees F.

2 cups Red-Skinned (small) New Potatoes    Wash potatoes well. Cook for 5-7 minutes in boiling water.

          Drain & place on cookie sheet;
roast about  10 min.                                             Remove and allow to cool while preparing veggies:

One carrot                                                              Scrub and grate or cut into matchsticks.

½ cup green beans                                               Add to potato water during last 3 minutes.

Artichoke Hearts (in a jar)                                   Drain and cut into halves.

1 Red onion slice                                                    Cut one thin slice of onion; separate

Olive oil & Lemon                                                  Mix 2 Tbl. oil with 2 tsp. lemon juice

When potatoes are cooled, add prepared veggies and toss together with olive oil & lemon juice or your own dressing. (In hot weather mayonnaise spoils easily. 2 hour window of safety)


Veggie Bobs

(All ingredients are medium or high alkalinity)


(I have a sheet of Nori seaweed under the kebob. Feel free to use rice, couscous or quinoa

1 small onion                                       Wash and slice onion into large pieces (quartered)

1 small zucchini                                  Wash and slice zucchini and yellow summer squash

1 small yellow Summer Squash.               into chunks

1 red or orange bell pepper                 Wash, remove seeds  and slice into large squares

Firm tofu (optional)                             Cut into thick cubes

Avocado oil (spray)                               Use to spray on kebobs

Skewers (small)                                    Arrange colorfully on skewers, Spray with oil and

                                                                 Broil on low until crispy, not burnt. (Or on BBQ)

 *Organic: Use Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 from the Environmental Working Group list:

I also made a melon salad of just cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. And in previous posts I made Curried Deviled Eggs and a yogurt parfait. Here are the links:

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Curried Deviled Eggs

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Yesterday was National Deviled Egg Day. I made a batch and took it to my women’s group to taste test before posting it. After the women tasted the eggs, Mary Ann reminded me that it would be less dry with (wet) mustard, so now the recipe seems right. (Mustard is also in the dry curry powder, so you don’t need much. More to moisten than to add flavor.) Thanx, Mary Ann.

Utensils: 2 qt. saucepan for eggs, cutting board and knife, small bowl, serving platter
Cooking Time: about 25 minutes
Prep. Time: About 10 minutes
Categories: Vegetarian, no sugar added, GF, no dairy


5 or 6 organic eggs, hardboiled and peeled
1- 2 tbl. macadamia or other oil (or mayonnaise)*
1-2 tsp. curry powder
1/2-1 tsp. mustard (not powder)
salt & pepper to taste
sprouts, chives, parsley for garnish


1. If you buy hard boiled eggs (now available in stores), the cooking time is eliminated. To boil at home, place 5 or 6 organic eggs in a 2 qt. saucepan filled with water. Bring to a boil, cook for 5 more minutes and then shut off and let sit a few minutes. Remove, cool, and peel.

2. Cut eggs in half lengthwise of crosswise. Remove yolk and place in a small bowl. Start with one tablespoon oil or mayonnaise and 1/2 tsp. mustard (salt & pepper to taste) and mash with yolks. Add more of each as needed to make the yolks creamy. (This depends on the number if eggs, size of eggs, and your preferences.)

3. Fill each half with the mixture and garnish with parsley, chives, sprouts—one, two or all. Place on a platter and serve chilled.

Serves 6-8 people, depending on number of eggs and whether it is a solitary appetizer or part of a grouping.

* Feel free to use your own recipe with mayonnaise and just add curry powder to taste. I am not a fan of mayo, so I don’t keep it in the house, altho I found a recipe online using lemon juice, so I may try make that recipe that soon.