Carnival Cruise? I Don’t Think So!

Cruise ships do not generally have good “report cards” on environment issues related to the ocean’s environment. Here is one way you can make a difference. Read the info below and feel free to sign the petition with or without a donation. (Scroll below the FOE logo to see message.)


Stop the cruise industry from polluting our oceans and hurting marine wildlife!

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BREAKING: Carnival Corporation just pled guilty again to violating the terms of its criminal probation for failing to follow through with court-mandated environmental protection programs. Yet the company and all of its cruise ships are still allowed to sail — spewing deadly pollution and toxic waste into our oceans. Take action now.

Cruising is one of the most environmentally harmful ways to travel. Many of the ships discharge a toxic cocktail of petroleum products. These pollutants can then harm wildlife like the 73 remaining Southern Resident Killer Whales — driving the species closer to extinction.

Carnival’s recent actions show that the cruise industry will continue to sacrifice our oceans and marine life for profit — unless someone steps in to stop it. Now, it’s up to you to use your voice and demand change.

Demand the cruise industry clean up its ships and stop polluting our oceans!

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Carnival Corp. and its cruise lines are notorious for its sewage dumping and air pollution. Carnival’s ongoing pollution can be compared to environmental disasters like the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

In 2017, Carnival was convicted of felony charges for illegally dumping oil-contaminated wastewater from its cruise ships and then trying to cover it up. The company is currently on a 5-year probation — but, as evidenced by this latest guilty plea, the probation is doing almost nothing to rein in cruise ship pollution.

Enough is enough. It’s time for cruise giants like Carnival to clean up their act, but the only way this happens is through bold action. Will you send a message to your elected officials and demand they act to stop cruise ship pollution?

Take action to protect the planet from cruise ships!

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Contaminated wastewater from cruise ships puts orcas and other marine wildlife at risk. And with the recent deaths of orcas Cappuccino and Marina, we need to be doing everything we can to keep the remaining Southern Resident orcas safe.

But cruise ship pollution could push Cappuccino and Marina’s remaining family closer to extinction. 

That’s why I’m counting on you to act now before it’s too late. Will you sign your name and demand Congress stop cruise ship pollution?

Stop the cruise industry from polluting our oceans and hurting orcas!

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Standing with you,
Marcie Keever,
Oceans and vessels program director,
Friends of the Earth

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P.S. Here is a link to the top 10 cruise lines. You can email them about their environmental practices or Google the company to see their practices, because “best”might be services rather than their environmental “report card!”


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