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Your Signature Is Needed: Protect killer whales from the cruise industry’s corporate greed.

Spring has officially arrived, which means that whale-watching season is in its early stages on the Pacific Northwest coast. Southern Resident orcas are an iconic attraction to view in the wild and are immediately recognizable by their characteristic black and white coloring.

Sadly, there will be fewer of these magnificent creatures emerging this season. Last year, we lost two beloved orcas, Cappuccino and Marina. And now there are only 74 remaining whales in this pod. The top threats to their dwindling population are food shortage, chemical pollution, and vessel disturbance — and the corporate cruise industry is guilty of contributing to all THREE of these dangers to orca survival. If we’re going to save Southern Resident killer whales from going extinct, we need to demand accountability from cruise ship corporations NOW >>


The cruise industry has no problem profiting from orcas when spring break season rolls around. Their ads will often depict vibrant marine mammals like killer whales flipping around merrily near cruise ships, eager to attract tourists and vacationers.

But what their commercials won’t tell you is that greedy cruise corporations are actually among the WORST offenders responsible for sending these treasured orcas closer to extinction. Their massive vessels disturb whale habitats — causing intrusive noise pollution, dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean, and driving away Chinook salmon, orcas’ primary source of food. ellen sue, these precious whales are running out of hope for survival. Please add your name to protect the fragile orca population from the cruise industry’s corporate greed >>


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