Early Spring Flowers: Photos and a Rhyme

NOTE: These are my first photos of spring flowers in our neighborhood, with the brown dirt still surrounding them, and often by themselves, because the other flowers are not yet in bloom. I call them pioneers!


                                                    PIONEERS of SPRING



Spring flowers are starting to bloom,

pushing through the warming earth, facing the sun.

Crocuses and daffodils, forsythias and magnolias—

My heart has come undone!


These hardy “pioneers” risk snow and frost

yet take the risk as Spring returns once more.

Their tiny colorful “faces” celebrate Life, and

with them, warm breezes from my patio door.

Still-Blossiming Forsythia

Wishing away winter and its stormy weather…

Perhaps they’re only false alarms!

Be patient! The tide has turned and

we can’t resist their fragrant charms.


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