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Last chance: Take action for clean air!

NOTE: I received this a couple of days ago and the deadline is soon, so hopefully you will sign this today! Click on green link ellensue
Earth Day, Every Day!
Quick update here:

You might have heard that proposed updates to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will help protect our communities from dangerous air pollution. It’s critical that this proposed rule is enacted, and we need your support now.

EPA is open to comments for just a few more days, and we haven’t seen your name yet. Will you take action today?

Too often, this pollution just blows downwind to another state, contributing to asthma, heart and lung disease, and other respiratory issues in a community that had nothing to do with the facility. Because for decades, dirty fossil fuel power plants and industrial facilities have spewed dangerous nitrous oxides (NOx) and other pollutants into the atmosphere and counted on the wind to carry these chemicals far away. But out of sight isn’t out of the air.

The proposed rule update ensures upwind states limit their pollution to protect people in downwind states that often can do nothing to curb these emissions to protect their residents. It would also expand the scope of the current rule to include additional industrial sources of air pollution and expand the rule’s coverage to even more states.

Ozone and smog-forming pollution can sicken millions of people. Even worse, this pollution inevitably hits frontline communities, including communities of color, hardest. 

Don’t miss your chance to tell EPA to finalize this proposal to ensure that we can all live healthier and breathe easier.

Thanks for everything you do for the planet,

-Your friends at Climate Reality


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An Invitation for Actions to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day plus a Poem

Every day this month I have posted something about Earth Day Every Day or a poem for National Poetry Month. I save the last day for this invitation, because by now you may have a better idea of what you can do to make a difference or want to know more about making a difference.

This quote is perfect for participating in this project:

I will be drawing on lots of resources, especially this one below, Imagine It!which I am in the process of reviewing.

I do believe that each person can do something to make a difference in the healing the planet. Even if you do not believe in climate change, these actions will make for a cleaner world, which is a good thing by itself.

Starting in May, I will post some of the actions you can take and would love your feedback as to how the ideas worked for you. My email is  Here is just one example from the book, and I have added some of my own thoughts:

Examine your major appliances and if you buy a new appliance make sure it is an energy saver. As author David Gershon notes: A new Energy Star ®)refrigerator could reduce CO2 emission by more than 500 pounds. So when the time comes for a new one, check out if it is an energy saver. Same for washers and dryers.

I hope you will join me as someone concerned about the environment (or biosphere, a term I read in Being the Change by Peter Kalmus, which I viewed on my website for Earth Day.)

These actions need not be bothersome or a nuisance. Rather, have the attitude that your small changes multiplied by thousands of people will go towards a cleaner, safer, happier Mother Earth.


The Aftermath by Mary Lou Meyers

Here is one more poem from Mary Lou Meyers that is so heartfelt I wanted to post it as the final one for National Poetry Month. It’s about the Ukraine and how the bombs and missiles have damaged Mother Earth, which triggers my thoughts that war is also bad for the environment!

Shocked into insensibility, their stock and trade in democracy,
the bread basket of Europe turned into smoldering ashes.
Who will be sifting through them for remnants of the past
coming into fruition again?
Who will explain to the innocent faces of the young
uprooted from their homes to finally come back to this?
Who will replace the formidable embrace of bombs intersecting
Lives stretched beyond endurance and seek permission
in the poisoned Earth to begin again before memory fades
of acres and acres of flowing wheat fields
till they’re sifting flour again?
Will dreams of rebuilding replace
once the surcease of fighting takes place
and calmness overtakes the missiles screaming,
the air now defensible but craving the loss of trees
with their Intake of carbon dioxide;
birds chasing invisible worms in the defunct scene,
clamoring for the loss of People, still avoiding the pitfalls of mines
still searching for the greening of Spring in-between?
While underneath emerging from shelters, refugees
intent on cleaning up despair while others like Monks
recording the embers of a civilization once vibrant and alive
finally taking up the air their eyes no longer used to the glare of sun.
Who will organize the clean-up after the Soul-scorching episodes?
What will grow on the deeply eroded soil?
Storm clouds of reckoning now beckoning!
Only the weeds answer the call, so easily dismissed in fertile soil,
but grow freely in the thin trampled-on vestiges,
Queen Ann’s Lace pure and unadulterated still by the disgrace,
but soon there will be other drop-seed and love grace
to fill the empty spaces.  Plain strong names
passed on by urgent needs in the meager soil
to fill the emptiness after the carnage.
Meanwhile People will again be aware looking in mirrors
and gesticulating like never before with fingers
placed strategically on the corners of their mouths
elist a smile long gone underground;
with a whistle of urgency emulating the crows
bringing on reinforcements, sifting though
the underground passageways of Truth
finally deciding on a plan
to clean-up and miraculously transform
so once again gardens will grow,
and soon villages will be reborn.
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