A Chinese Autumn Story by Helen Luu

One of the women in the Creative Writing Class on ZOOM every Wednesday sponsored by our local senior center is from China, and we all learn so much about her culture from her essays. Here’s one for Autumn involving Moon Cakes, pictured below. I found photos of a mooncake that is a traditional wheat item and one made of different colors.


      Fall  by Helen Lu

Summer has merged into Autumn.

Daytime becomes shorter and colder.

The chilly air has turned the leaves to brown, crimson, red, and yellow colors.

When the wind blows, colorful leaves fall from the trees and float into the sky like a huge kaleidoscope.

I see different colorful pictures when I rotate the kaleidoscope.

What a master natural piece of these magnificent pictures!!!

On the 15th of August (lunar month calendar)  but September 22, Solstice on our calendar,  the moon will be extraordinary fuller, bigger and brighter, the Chinese believe.

It is a full moon as well as the Mid-Autumn Festival to the Chinese.

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second major holiday for the Chinese.

It is a time for family gatherings.

Children will march on the streets with their colorful paper lanterns in different shapes, animals or flowers.

After we worship the MOON with mooncakes and fruits, we sit around facing the moon and enjoy the cake with tea.

August 15th is also my late mother’s birthday, so we have a double celebration on that day.


Thanx, Helen!  I went to Chinatown and bought a mooncake. Delicious!