Fall, Falling, Fallen: The Leaves, They Are A’ Changin’

Our High Holy Day prayer books are half prayers and the other half are poems, short essays, and comments by well-known and lesser known writers. One poem was entitled “Fall, Falling, Fallen” and I liked it so much that I “borrowed” it for this posting.

Supposedly, climate change has pushed back the normal times that leaves change here is the northeastern part of the US. But I seem to remember that in State College, where I used to live, the week-end of Columbus Day was when you could see “Flaming Foliage in the center part of PA, and then a little later here in the Philadelphia area. And our trees are just beginning to change, so not sure the climate scientists are correct about this, but some people have said the colors are showing later this year.

Some time ago I cut out a quote by writer George Elliot that was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer, which mirrors my own sentiments exactly about fall, because my idea of a great vacation would be to start in Canada and follow the changing leaves as
the weather gets colder during the months of fall, catching “flaming foliage down the east coast to about Tennessee. Of course, I would take pictures at each stop to track the changes. What an ideal vacation!



….if I were a bird

I would fly about the earth

  seeking the successive autumns.


Below is one of the photos I took on the road a few days ago when the leaves were just starting to sparkle to the north of us. But there is still a lot of green. I hope to display more photos as the leaves change, or should I say emerge, since the reds, golds, and rusts are always there, but camouflaged by the intensity of chlorophyll that stops being produced as the temperature drops. I call all the colors a “fall rainbow.”




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