Midlife Musings

Midlife Musings I

Early-English Style

By Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

I originally posted this in www.menupause.info under the title Menopausal Musings, but I think it really belongs here, since it is about growing older and longing for a companion. The words in CAPS are now extinct, so I put their definitions at the end of each line of the poem. It was a challenge to write, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Writing rhymes takes my mind off my problems, so it has a healing effect.



Ah, my CHAIR DAYS are here, there is no cure.  (indicates evening of life)

I rant and I rage as I CHANTEPLEUR  (to sing & weep at same time)

Oh, for a BOONFELLOW to hold me tight (warm companion)

And banish the MUBBLE FUBBLES day and night.  (melancholy)

Once I was a BELLIBONE, a bonnie lass.  (lovely maiden)

No PRICKMEDAINTY could match my sass. (a dandy)

I received TUZZY MUZZIES by the score  (nosegays)

And LIP-CLAPS and TIPSY-CAKES at my cottage door. Â (kisses) & (cakes saturated with wine or liquor)

Ah, my chair days are here, I don’t  need a cure

Just a MERRY-GO-SORROW so I can chantepleure. (Tale evoking mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.)

Extinct words are from Poplollies & Bellibones: A Celebration of Lost Words by Susan Kelz Sperling

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