Say NO to Teflon Fry Pans

My friend Pauline from the senior center sent me this link about teflon.

Thanx to Pauline!

One Scratch on a Nonstick Pan Can Release 9,100 Plastic Particles, New Study Finds


It’s no surprise to anyone who cooks at home that your pots and pans will wear down with use over time. If you’re using a Teflon nonstick pan, this may happen by consistently using utensils that scratch the surface or putting it through the wash one too many times. While this is a normal part of using Teflon, new research has just revealed that a damaged nonstick surface may be more harmful than you think.


Read in Eat This, Not That!:

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My P.S. There is helpful video included that tells us our makeup may also contain teflon in the form of PFAs. Please watch it and purchase “safe” cosmetics.


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