on Cancer: Destroying Cancer with Your Fork!

October is Cancer Awareness Month and breast cancer is usually the focus, but I think the focus can be on any form of cancer.  In an article by Lynn Allison entitled “10 Foods That Destroy Cancer Cells” in the Newsmax Health Section of the site:, here are the 10 foods. You can also Google the article itself with the author’s name and it will come up under

(My comments in parentheses).

NOTE: There is more information on each food in  this article and I suggest you read it in its entirety. Links to other articles from newsmax are below the list. You may want to read the one on breast cancer, since this is a hot topic for October.

  1. Grapes and Red Wine (aim for organic)
  2. Sea Vegetables, such as arame, kombu, nori (used is sushi)
  3. Turmeric (spice that contains cur cumin, a powerful cancer-fighter)
  4. Green Tea (contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient)
  5. Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage
  6. Garlic, which may reduce the risk of many cancers, including breast cancer
  7. Hemp Oil, which speeds up the healing process
  8. Mushrooms, long-used in traditional medicines to be anti-viral and anti-cancer
  9. Ginger, which has been shown to reduce tumors
  10. Tomatoes, which contain lycopene. that destroys cancer cells (Buy organic!)

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P.S. My recipe for Kitchari*, an Indian Stew that I make often, uses many of these food items: garlic, cruciferous veggies, ginger, turmeric, and mushrooms. If you go to a Japanese restaurant and order sushi, you can enjoy it better knowing that the seaweed nori is what surrounds the insides. A glass of red wine or green tea will go nice with almost any meal,
and hemp oil can be used as part of your salad dressing or taken as gel caps.

*Link to Kitchari recipe:
I actually have several kitchari recipes from other sources. Just put the word kitchari in the search box for the other links that are slight variations on my recipe link here.

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