The Monarch Effect: A Video to Watch for 8 Minutes

I received this email on Oct. 16th and watched the 8 minutes video. It demonstrates that individuals can make a difference in preserving the migration of monarch butterflies. Please watch! (The posting occupies the whole page; no margins.)
Environmental Defense Fund <>
Oct 16 at 4:18 PM
The world’s tiniest racers have begun the world’s most epic annual relay race.

Each leg of the monarch butterfly’s annual 3,000-mile migration through North America is completed by a new generation.

For each butterfly, the journey is brand new — and dangerous.

Along the way, these butterflies face changes to the American landscape, combined with extreme and variable weather.

These challenges make it harder to find the nectar plants and milkweed that their offspring — the next generation in the journey — need to survive.

Now, you can join monarchs on their incredible journey from Mexico to Texas to the Midwest in a new VR180 experience.

Habitat loss is the one of the major driving forces behind shrinking monarch butterfly populations.

Because most of the land along the monarch’s migration route is privately owned, forging partnerships with the farmers and ranchers who work those lands is the best way to ensure a future for monarch butterflies.

As you explore the Monarch Effect in VR180, you’ll meet farmers and ranchers who are taking action to keep this majestic species from disappearing.

I hope you’ll enjoy this fun and eye-opening opportunity to see the world from a butterfly’s point of view.

Happy viewing,

Emily Stevenson
Manager, Online Membership

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