A Dog’s Purpose: The Movie

Over the weekend we visited friends who had a library copy of the DVD of A Dog’s Purpose. It was not a movie I had really planned to see because the title didn’t grab me.  Also, I am more of a cat lover than a dog lover, although I love all animals in general, especially giraffes! But I’m glad we watched it in the comfort of our friends’ couch.

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the movie. It was entertaining as well as inspiring, embracing the concepts of loyalty, happiness, love, and other emotions that we as humans experience and that the dog in the movie expressed as the narrator. In several incarnations, the dog, Bailey, interacts with all his owners and tries very hard to keep them happy. His owners are regular people who love the dog, who is a different breed in every substory, and their interactions tell the observer as much about dogs as about humans.

I came away with the question for myself: What is my purpose here on planet Earth? I came up with three interrelated thoughts:

  1. One main purpose for my existence is to find joy and fulfillment in everyday events. The event could simply be going to a  garden where the plants and flowers beautify my life or as important as visiting or taking care of someone I love who has been hospitalized.
  2. Another purpose is to do what I love and trust that in so doing, I am making a difference in the lives of others I reach. For example, I write on my blog/website because I love to write and in so doing, I trust I am reaching at least one person who finds something worthwhile in the posting.
  3. Finally,  I believe in the Hebrew concept Tikkun Olam, which means Repair of the World. By helping others and taking care of the planet ecologically, for example, by my posts of Earth Day, Every Day, I am hopefully helping to make the world a better place.

These three purposes are interrelated because if I focus on “repair of the world” by doing what I love, that will bring me joy as well as hopefully be helpful to others. It seems quite simple when I break it down to these three concepts.

In sum, the movie is worth seeing, even thought-provoking in its storyline, while at the same time entertaining without sordid sex, heavy violence, or crude language. It is actually a family movie. Don’t miss it! I think you will come away feeling inspired by the author’s words. (It is also a book by Bruce Cameron.) Wikipedia calls it a comedy-drama, but I would rather label it as an inspirational story for all ages.

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