Bursts of Brilliance – Review

Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life by Teresa R. Funke


Whenever I read a book to review that has overwhelmingly terrific information, I resort to using quotes, because trying to summarize it never feels right to me. Since I have reviewed many of Teresa’s children’s book (Go to my SEARCH box on the Home Page and type in the author’s name), kept in touch by email and almost met her this summer in Colorado, I feel a kinship with another writer who shares many of the same beliefs about creativity, making the review even more challenging. Which quotes do I choose?

Here are just some of the ones I underlined in my copy, seeking at least one from each of the parts, of which there are eight, with sub-topics (I put these in parentheses) within in each part. I also added a quote from the Introduction and the Conclusion.


From the Introduction: This book is about celebrating and honoring those bursts of brilliance that hit each of us every day……It’s not about success or failure…it’s about art as a tool and a gift to connect us to our Higher Selves.

From Part I: Revealing the Brilliance Within (What’s Your Dream?) No matter how old we get, we must never get so set in our ways, so tired and complacent, so overworked and cynical, that we stop reaching for our dreams.

From Part II: What it Really Means to Live Your Art (Don’t Waste Your Luck) The artist’s journey, like any journey, is accompanied by its share of heartbreaks and tears….We can give up or we can trust this newest setback is not a roadblock, it’s just a chance to change directions.

From Part III: Because You’re Worth It (Are You Producing or Creating?) But creation is where true art lies. Creation leads to growth. It stimulates our sense of wonder. It brings us wisdom while keeping us young. Whenever possible, go there.

From Part IV: The Courage to Create (Are You Living Your Art?) Life is a gift. Your art and your talents are gifts. Don’t squander them. Time may be shorter than you re

From Part V: What we Tell Ourselves Matters (Is Your Art Too Trivial to Matter?)We’re all needed, even when times get tough, and that goes for artists, too.

 From Part VI: Art is the Great Connector (A Little Applause for the Audience) So, in the end, our art is not about us, it’s about the people we hope to reach….Sometimes they’ll laugh, sometimes they’ll cry, and sometimes they’ll hate you for what you show them, but always a connection will be made.

 From Part VII: The Power of Art in the World (The Power of Art) And your art has power, but only if you choose to use it.

 From Part VIII: Taking it to Your Higher Level (Home is also Where the Heart Is) All around you, on every street corner and down every alley, is the evidence of some artist at work.

Conclusion: It’s never going to be easy to find time for our art, but we owe it to the dreamer inside each of us to somehow make that happen…So, let’s encourage each other….Though their finished art may someday impress or move others, just the act of working will inspire us even more. Remember: We make the things that matter, matter.


Author Teresa Funke’s inspiring book, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life, based on her blog with the same name, is available directly from www.burstsofbrilliance.com as well as from Amazon and all other online and e-book outlets. The paperback cost is $19.99.






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