The Furniture of Life by Sondra Koch

Every week our creative writing group of about 10 members from New Horizons Senior Center get together via ZOOM and read our “assignment”  for the week. One week the prompt was about a piece of furniture and I loved Sondra’s take on her chair. And now with COVID keeping us home, perhaps we can think about something in our own home that has a great deal of meaning, especially if it gives you pleasure, as Sondra’s chair does. (December 10th also happened to be Sondra’s birthday—another Sagittarian—so I hope this posting will make her happy! ellensue




My chair sits there
And shouts at me:
Remember when
You brought me home
All plush velvet

Shiny chrome?

                                   Now I whisper wistfully                                               
Of years gone by
Admired then
As work of art

Stalwart, constant

From the start

Time has wrought

The shape I’m in
Drab, scant velvet

Worn quite thin

Framework still gleams

Proud, strong, true
I’m here my friend

To bolster you.

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