Pictures of the March

The NY Times has posted photos from all over the world where the Women’s March took place the day after the inauguration. Here is the link. If one picture is worth 1,000 words, all these photos are worth millions of words. I feel gratified that so many people came out to voice their opinions in (an almost) peaceful way. (Thanx to Honey for sending me the link.) I was there in spirit with my daughters and lit several candles to pray for peace at all the demonstrations. I am amazed by the turnout!  (The photo will bleed over into the right hand margin, because it can be best appreciated in a large format.)

This is the first photo that shows up in the article (Washington, DC) , but there are several more  from all over the globe, so scroll down to view all the photos. I even saw one from my place of birth: Trenton, NJ. What a day to remember!!!

Lee,Chang W. – from camera serial number NYTCREDIT: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times


P.S. I perfect example of women making a difference is the new movie, Hidden Figures, about three (colored*) women in 1961 who worked at NASA at theluanching of the first man in space. (*Colored was the term used then, as in Colored Ladies Room, which is an important part of the true story.) In this movie, based on the lives of three young workers at NASA, we see how the women stand up for one another and themselves and prove they are making important contributions at a critical time in the new space program at NASA. One is a former child prodigy now math whiz, the second is an engineer, and the third is a programmer on one of the first IBM computers that took up an entire room. They are role models for all women, and especially for young African-American women, because they broke the glass ceiling when it was so thick you needed a jack hammer to break it. Don’t miss it! We went late Sat. aafternoon when my mind was still on my daughters’ participation in the march.  Perfect timing for such a movie!

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