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The Mindfulness of Plants by Mary Lou Meyers

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Here is a poem for Earth Day, Every Day #6 from my classmate and “poet-in-residence,” Mary Lou Meyers. Pictures are from my neighborhood.


You’ll find us here, there and everywhere,

networking with awareness spread.

We sit and absorb the atmosphere like a Buddha,

pores open to gratitude,

while maintaining a prayerful vigil day and night,

but often tower above humans who walk

with our leggy stalks.

We may have no voice

for we are grounded in solitude,

yet the wind rustles through us,

and we touch living things beside us;

rain ruffles our blossoms,

but quenches our thirst.

We are students of survival, and can live on air,

We have the breath of life within us to spare,

and can count on respiration,

no matter how severe the snow and ice.

We are rooted in perfection,

resplendent in the sun,

and when the day is done,

we will fold our petals

and drift in the soft shadows

of the dying sun,

but lift up to witness the star-studded sky

till it be morrow without sorrow.

We may matriculate at summer’s end,

when we  finally blend with the unending universe,

but never die outright without a fight,

no matter if you cut off our stalks

bleeding is a soothing release,

we may rise again especially

if you throw us in a nutritious humous heap.

Have no fear for we will become a volunteer plants.

You may muse at our life-line

or be confused when you assume we are lifeless,

but our rhizomes will intercede

beneath the dirt and weeds.

Our enterprise is so spectacular

butterflies often alight at our sight,

bees find our nectar a nutritious delight,

while spiders weave their luminous webs

catching unwary bugs,

but we have defense mechanisms too,

perspire noxious chemicals when we fume-igate.

Don’t disturb our equilibrium,

or prevent forays

into the wildness of inner space,

for our eye spots are deeply ingrained.

our breath-taking beauty is prolonged

if you take the time to soothe our parched throat

and give us a jolt of plant food if need

before we have to nourish our seeds

So our cause célèbre

is not lost on weeds.

Couplet Rhyme for Springtime & Earth Day, Every Day #2

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Spring is in the air
She has a certain flair:

    Flowers blooming
Geese grooming

Grass greening
Trees preening

Gentle breezes
Nature un-freezes

Sky blue
Earth Renew

This is posting #2 for Earth Day, Every Day
and also a celebration of National Poetry Month

Note about photos: Down the street from me there are three cherry trees starting to bloom. No need to go to Japan or even down by the river on the way to Center City, Philadelphia! And the blue sky is the early morning view from my tiny patio.