PACT Organic Clothing in Bio-degradable Plastic Bags

I buy organic clothing from I also buy organic clothing from other sources that, unfortunately, do not use bio-degradable bags, so I hope to write those places with this info that I thought you would like.

The info below ids from their website with a special link: Brand New Bag – Pact › article › brand-new-bag. (Brand New Bag. Pact is proud to introduce a brand new bag made with biodegradable plastic.)

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Pact is proud to introduce a brand new bag made with biodegradable plastic. While polybag packaging is required for quality control, your Pact products will now come in a new kind of bag that utilizes technology to accelerate its bio-degradation.

How does it work?

The new bag is made of a proprietary and patented blend of organic ingredients proven to enhance the rate of plastic bio-degradation in anaerobic (oxygen-free) environments. The process is enzymatic, allowing microbes to consume the entire plastic mass.

How long does the bag take to biodegrade?

The rate of bio-degradation depends on factors like environmental conditions, the biological activity of microorganisms surrounding the plastic, and the size and thickness of the plastic bag. In the ideal conditions, this product will biodegrade completely within a few years, as opposed to regular plastic, which can take hundreds to thousands of years.

Does the bag produce any harmful byproducts?

Plastic bags that utilize this technology will biodegrade just like organic waste. No microplastics or toxic residue are left behind. The natural byproducts of organic waste are bio-gases. These gases produced within a landfill can be collected and used in various ways. In the US, approximately 83% of landfills capture methane gas (a byproduct of organic waste) and it is increasingly being seen as a source of free, clean energy.

Learn more about the technology behind our brand new bags from our partner, The Rudholm Group.

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