Backyard Harvest Review and a Link to Climate Victory Gardens

A few days ago I received a paperback book entitled THE BACKYARD HARVEST that I enjoyed so much I decided to review it in March instead of April, because of my focus on Earth Day, Every Day. I am sure many people in warmer parts of the USA and elsewhere are already planning their gardens, and since spring is here, the book still feels timely. And since March is National Nutrition Month, it also fits!

Written by Susan Patterson: master gardener, author, and certified health coach with a passion for sustainable living, this book of 50 container gardening projects is beautifully crafted with wonderful colored photos and terrific ideas for reusing/ repurposing/recycles items you might never consider for a garden.

On the back cover is a long note by the author. Here is just the first paragraph, verbatim. I put in bold important elements.

Container gardening is not only rewarding as a hobby but also a fantastic way to grow a bountiful harvest of veggies, fruits, and herbs all year long. If you always wanted to grow your own food but do not have space, container gardening is for you. If you love to pick fresh herbs from your kitchen window to fortify your favorite dishes with, container gardening is for you. If creating a beautiful outdoor living area sounds like fun, container gardening is for you.

Here is a short list of containers Patterson proposes for your garden, either on a patio or in your yard. I chose ones that sounded unique:  an old trunk,
boots, a rose-stuffed purse, a drawer, a tree trunk, a recycled potato sack, and even a recycled plastic bottle!

Each container project is two pages side-by-side (see photo below) with clear instructions of materials needed and how to make it, similar to a food recipe:

In addition to the 50 projects with wonderful photos, Susan Patterson also includes tips on drainage, using light, the importance of tags from purchased plants, and acclimating your plant to its new home.

Even if you have never tried container gardening, this book will inspire you to try. I have a patio and want to expand my container gardening, using the author’s hints, ideas and instructions.

I love this book! THE BACKYARD HARVEST is available from and costs $29.95. The colored photos and 50 containers plus hints make this a must reading for those of you who seek to grow more of your own food as part of your sustainability goal and just for fun!


Here is the link to an article called:

Climate Victory Gardening for Beginner Gardeners

I hope to focus on Green America next month in an Earth Day, Every Day posting, but if you are already starting a garden, you might want to read this first. es

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