Fall in the N. Hemisphere; Spring in the S. Hemisphere

I looked up some info on fall and found this photo on almanac.com, so I am including it as my way of introducing the opposite: Spring in S. Africa. Let me explain….

My kid brother and his wife went to S. Africa a few years ago. My brother Harry is an ophthalmologist who takes great photos of nature when he travels. Here are a few. I am posting them, because while it is the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are just beginning to turn, so I have no new pictures of fall. But tomorrow, the 23rd, is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere and I do have photos of foliage there.

So Happy Fall if you live in the top half of the globe and Happy Spring if you live in the lower half.
And thanx to my brother Harry for such wonderful photos.




I couldn’t resist the photo below because it includes my favorite wild animal, the giraffe. Harry knows that, so he sent this with the comment under it.

Indian Summer Rhyme

I promise that this is my last posting about the trees of autumn, my favorite season. I captured a few good trees in the back of our building and the street behind it. Our swimming pool is surrounded by huge, old trees. I took the pool tree pictures high, because the trunks are hidden by the low buildings at the pool. The trees with trunks visible are on the street behind the pool.

The awesomeness of Fall
with SenTrees * standing straight and tall.
Leaves as lovely as flowers in Spring
Falling gently; no sound do they bring.

This season never disappoints my eyes,
especially the trees against clear, blue skies.
Each year I await this rapture
Each year my heart does capture….

Fall’s fleeting beauty—not a blunder.
Once more I stand in wide-eyed wonder.
Wishing this could last all year:
brilliant senTrees everywhere!

* I saw painting of trees a couple years ago that were standing tall in a forest. The artist named the painting “Sentrees.” Whoever it is, Thank You for the word.

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