Women’s History Month: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On March 8th I posted a chart with all the female heads of state to celebrate International Women’s Day, not realizing March is also Women’s History Month. Just the other day my daughter-in-law gave me her copy of JUSTICE, JUSTICE THOU SHALT PURSUE by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and one of her former law clerks, Amanda L. Tyler, released in 2021 by University of California Press.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born on March 15, 1933 and died this past September 18th, 2020,  and since March is Women’s History Month, I wanted to introduce the book and review it when I have completed my reading of it, which I just started.

RBG and Tyler submitted the manuscript only three week’s before Justice Ginsburg’s death, but she leaves what Tyler calls “an extraordinary legacy….What follows here [in the book] offers the reader a window into how the Justice thought of her legacy and how she hopes to be remembered.”

I look forward to posting my review, but could not end Women’s History Month without something in print about this month and to alert you that this new book exists.  I am finding it fascinating to learn more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her life as a lawyer, wife, mother, and mentor.

More soon……

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