In Balance for Life by Alex Guerrero ( A Review)

Personal Note: I believe that our bodies are a microcosm of the planet. I read an essay on spiritual ecology in which the author likens our skin to the earth (skin covers our body, dirt covers the earth) our blood running through our bodies like  rivers running through Earth, etc. And now the rivers are turning acid and we have long had acid rain. So I think we need to alkalize our bodies and the planet.


In Balance for Life focuses on the concept of acid and alkaline foods in proper balance, approximately 80% alkaline and 20% acid, replicating the same balance with which our cells function at their best. Balance is the key word and when we are out of balance, we suffer from dis-ease. The concept of balance is not new and can be found in other countries and cultures. (For example, the Asian macrobiotic diet of yin and yang is actually the acid/alkaline diet described here. It can also be found in Chinese medicine, in which the author has a degree.)

Guerrero begins by explaining what is wrong with our Western diet, why it is out of balance. Basically, Western foods are heavy on items that are acidic: meat, poultry, dairy, most grains, and beans. Alkaline foods include most vegetables and many fruits. However, Americans eat a preponderance of acidic foods and not enough alkaline foodsso our cells become out of balance.

The book moves from zeroing in on the health problems we face as a result of this acid/alkaline imbalance to the essential elements for good health; from proper diet, exercise, and rest to a healthy acid-alkaline balance that leads to a chapter on the pH factora measurement of the acid-alkaline ratio of the body’s fluids and tissues, which the author describes in scientific detail meant for the lay reader. Basically, our bodies function best when our blood chemistry is slightly alkaline. The pH readings on saliva and urine vary somewhat but, in general, a pH of 7 is considered healthy, while less than 7 or more than 14 leads to illnessan imbalance in your body.

Unfortunately, most doctors do not use pH as a way to treat an illness; and many of the medicines are themselves acidproducing, when most illnesses are the result of the body’s being too acidic already. This is explained in the chapter entitled, Many Diseases—One Primary Cause.

The last three chapters help the reader return to a more balanced body profile, including the importance of supplements, which Guerrero recommends because our soil is deficient in many nutrients and the food we buy loses nutrients in travel, storage, and cooking. In the chapter Getting Back in Balance, the author provides a comprehensive chart of foods; whether they are acidifying or alkalizing; and to what degree (e.g., from strong to mildly acidifying or alkalizing). The book comes with a complete 14-Day Diet and sample recipes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.  A handy Glossary of terms completes the book, along with an impressive Bibliography and Index.

This straightforward book is an excellent guide through the acid/alkaline concept, with small steps along the way to help you understand the scientific importance of the pH factor. The practical recipes and glossary mean that the reader can design an eating plan that will help restore his or her body in balance, given the “tools” provided in the book. The Conclusion encourages the reader to make changes to experience “better health and renewed energy”and everyone wants to feel good and be healthy.


In Balance for Life is published by Square One Publishers and costs $15.95 for the softcover book of 183 pages.

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