Reinvention Again posted in WVFC

Women’s Voices for Change liked my article I originally called @75, I’m Just Getting Started. WVFC called  it Reinvention Again, a better description of the contents, now that I think more about the article.  To read the entire article, please go to this link and please post your comments on WVFC website, because the site keeps track of the comments. Thanx!

Above is the photo with my article on the WVFC website. Coincidentally, one of the poems in the montage starts out as: “A woman hangs laundry on the line,” and goes on to say how she drops the clothespins into her apron pocket.  This poem  is reminiscent of my first article that WVFC posted in December, entitled Italian Threads, Laundry Memories. If you missed that, here is that link.

P.S. I think I need a new category for articles that appear elsewhere, either mine or anot.

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