Twilight/Kiss of Light and Dark By Stanley Fink


Stanley Fink’s second book of poems are even better than his first book, Living Dangerously, visually as well as content-wise. The poet has three categories in Twilight/Kiss of Light and Dark: people, nature and writing.

Having seen him read his poems at the local senior center, he commented before he read from his book, saying that he wants his poems to be easily understood, nothing esoteric or obscure. I think he accomplishes that very well. Fink’s book also makes use of background colors and colored photos that reflect the mood of the poems in each section. The design is pleasant and breaks up the written poems so you can breathe between the writing.

Thus, each section has a colored photo to introduce the poems in that section as well as photos throughout each section.  I think the best way to review the book is to feature a poem from each section that I especially like.

From “people,” I chose the first poem because it is one of my favorites in the entire book:

Shades of Gray

Gunmetal gray, battleship gray, cement gray, undercoat gray,

Charcoal gray, mottled gray, prison wall gray.

Gray cashmere, gray tweed, raincoat gray.

Squirrel gray, mouse gray, elephant gray, shark gray,

Gray whale, mountain gorilla gray.

But, none of these can compare

With the silver-gray locks of my mother’s hair.


From “nature, ” I chose persistence, which features tiny flowers growing in the cracks of a stone wall. I take photos of flowers like these because they are persistent, as Fink notes:


A new-born dandelion

Pushed its budding head

Through a crack in the concrete

Back porch step and cried out.


Finally, a very short poem that seems to be somewhat descriptive of many of his poems in the book:


Food for Thought

Here is a lamb bone;

Suck the marrow to find the poem.


Short or long, Stanley Fink seems to have captured my love of words and the photos are a welcome addition to the book, since most poetry books are only text. I like the visuals as friendly, suitable accompaniments to his words.

The book is available on Amazon for $20.00. It has 47 pages and contain more than 40 poems… a joy to read!







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