Sweet Hush by Deborah Smith

While working on this month’s blog about apples and cranberries, I also started reading a novel in which apples were the focus. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I wasn’t sure what to review and then I began to read this book that had been in my drawer for weeks, not even knowing it was about apples.

The name of the book is Sweet Hush, written by Deborah Smith, a writer from Georgia. First, I love writers from the South. Their novels have a certain feel and cadence to them that I like. Second, the story is about a single mother (which I was for several years) who runs an apple orchard that she has inherited from her family, making it into a very successful business. Third, it’s a love story and I am a sucker for love stories. Fourth, it’s about apples, one of my favorite fruits. So this story was perfect for me!

In this novel, the single mom/successful business woman has one son for whom she has worked hard to send to Harvard. When he comes home to Georgia with the U.S. President’s daughter as his wife, the Secret Service is in hot pursuit. The story weaves around the desire for the rebellious First Daughter wanting a private life like everyone else, the son’s desire to quit college to help run the apple orchards, and a deep-cover agent who is sent by the U.S. President to protect his daughter personally.

Of course, the agent falls in love with the single mom, whose name is Hush, the same name given to their deliciously sweet apples, called Sweet Hush. And Hush falls for Nicholas, the agent. They both hide their feelings amidst Hush’s falling out with the First Lady, who wants to “save” her daughter from this southern family. Hush herself is worried that her son Davis will find out the awful truth about his father. As you can see, it is all about relationships and how the two families finally learn to get along.

If you want an easy read with some humor, passion, and love, you might pick up this book at the library or in a bookstore. (If you Google it, you will find used copies very cheaply.) With apples bursting with flavor this time of year, about the only thing missing from this book is a recipe or two using Hush’s apples!

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