Susan Lieberman’s New Project: “If I Were in Charge”

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Here is Susan’s new project in Susan’s words:

Maybe you and people in your network would have an interest in my new project.  I am looking for all kinds of people from all over the country to play in the IF I WERE IN CHARGE project.  Following are the details (also attached as a pdf to make sharing easier)  I’m hoping to have responses in April although there is a little spillover time in May. Thanks. Susan

No presidential campaign in the last fifty years has created more controversy or uncertainly about the direction of our country than this one. Almost all of us have our own ideas about where our country should be headed. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DISCUSSION.


I am putting together an e-book to be out in August—well before the election—of diverse opinions from around the country. I’m wondering if you or people you know would like to contribute your ideas.

I’m looking for 100 people to answer the question: IF I WERE IN CHARGE, ONE THING I WOULD DO IS FOR THIS COUNTRY IS… This is a chance to say what policy idea stirs your passion. You needn’t say how you would do it, just what you would like to see done.


It’s simple to participate.  Each person has one page with a 150-350 word reply, a brief bio and a head shot. (Those who don’t like to write can arrange by email for a time to chat.  Talk to me; I’ll write it up and return it for review.)


I am eager to hear what you are thinking.  Contact me at: Susan Lieberman,


P.S. I Googled Red & Blue states and picked one from the last election. ellensue

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