Supreme Summer Fruit Salad

A couple of weeks ago, as all the luscious summer fruits became available, I made a fruit salad to take as my dessert to our Friday night synagogue service. Several people actually told me how good it was, but more surprising was my husband’s comment: “This is the best fruit salad I ever tasted.” Coming from someone who rarely or barely eats fruit, I consider this a supreme compliment. So I called the dish Supreme Summer Fruit Salad.

Feel free to use more or less of the fruits you love or that are available. All of the ingredients in this salad were purchased organic, and I made the salad only a few hours before going to services. Maybe these two factors are crucial to the delicious dessert….or breakfast…or snack!

Utensils: Cutting board & knife, colander/strainer, serving bowl
Prep. Time: 10-15 minutes
Cook. Time: None
Category: Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Sugar added

Ingredients (amounts at your discretion & availability)

organic red, green & purple grapes
organic blackberries
organic strawberries
organic blueberries
organic raspberries
organic peaches
organic plums
organic kiwi
ripe, pre-cut organic  pineapple chunks
organic dried coconut, optional

Directions (As you prepare each fruit, place in a large serving bowl)

1. Wash & drain grapes & remove stems
2. Wash & drain all the berries, removing strawberry stems and cutting into smaller pieces
3. Wash peaches & plums, cut into small pieces and discard pits.
4. Wash & peel kiwi(s) (try a vegetable peeler) and cut into small chunks
5. Add pre-cut organic pineapple (Regular pineapple was not organic & I wanted a 100% organic dish)
6. Toss all into a large serving bowl. Serve topped with organic dried coconut if you wish. (If you want a wetter salad, add a little organic juice of your choice.)

Serve chilled. Serves a group.

2 thoughts on “Supreme Summer Fruit Salad

  1. Absolutely fabulous! We love fruit salad – I also make it into smoothies!

    Thanks so much!


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