Sun. Dec. 19th, DAILY MENU

Key to Abbreviations:
Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
NSA- No salt added
Olive Oil – OO
PP – Protein Powder
S & P – Salt & Pepper
Sugar Free – SF
TBA- To Be Announced
Vegetarian – VEG

Up early to travel to Brooklyn, so meal times will vary.

5:30 a.m.- Lemon juice & water
6 ish – Ginger Rice Pudding from Susan O’Brien’s The Gluten Free Vegan posted on my website: in Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes.
Noon– Brunch with daughter & partner @ a lovely restaurant in Brooklyn. had a big meal: veggie omelet, black beans, followed after the meal by my GF/DF muffin that I brought with me.
No need for a big dinner.
7 p.m. Still not hungry for a meal, so I ate a large organic fuji apple and a couple of dates.

I will be sub. teaching tomorrow, so I already packed up some org. applesauce (4 oz. tub from a six pack @Whole Foods), some tempuna (I coined the term) I made Fri. or Sat. (steamed and grated tempeh with tuna salad ingredients added), Mary’s Gone Crackers, sprouts, water, & thawing pea soup I froze last week.

P.S. About 10 pm I did get hungry so I had some ginger rice pudding (cold) that I had made on Sat.

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