Summer Slowdown: June, July, August 2015

Because summer is supposedly a time when the livin’ is easy, I am grouping the next three months into one continuous blog without separate Home Pages for each month. Now that I am not substituting, one day melts into another, although I sometimes feel busier than a one-armed paper hanger with the hives! Summer especially seems to feel that way, with one month melting into the next and suddenly summer is over! So, make waves while the sun shines and enjoy the slow down.

A wall of lovely orchids at Longwood Gardens

June 14th is Flag Day and with my co-chair Krista, we a re sponsoring a POP-UP SHOPPE at the local Cynwyd Cafe. We plan on decorating with flags, of course, and our newly formed Network of Women Entrepreneurs is the hostess. I am creating a tote bag in red,white and blue to raffle off so we can help support a young girl in Philadelphia participate in a summer reading program for disadvantaged youths. It is called Springboard Collaborative and helps disadvantaged inner city children stay current with their reading so they are not behind in September.

This flag can also symbolize the July 4th holiday, which will be a little more than one month away.

I plan to continue reviewing Four Seasons in Four Weeks by Suzanne Mathis McQueen. I touched on Fall at the end of May and next I will cover Winter. Feel free to go to for a free download of Suzanne’s chart and more information about her wonderful book and workshops on the female cycle as seasons.

Father’s Day is June 21st. I wrote an essay about my dad and submitted it to Women’s Voices Change. If it is not accepted, I will post it here. He was an loving, but absentee dad who worked 7 days each week for 12 hours, so my remarks have to do with these feelings.




That same day is the summer solstice, when we have the longest day of the year. Then the days grow shorter again. My main love of summer is the long days, with night coming later, so I have mixed feelings about the solstice.                      






I read recently that watercress is even more nutritious that kale, so I hope to post some salads with watercress.

Since I am busy packing to go to Colorado to see old friends who moved away from PA, I cannot think past July 4th, so this will serve as an introduction to the summer postings. I hope to have more summer recipes, book reviews, profiles, etc. Your comments are welcome, but I have been receiving a great deal of Spam, so I am slowly going through them and eliminating the spam. Please be patient if you do not receive a response until later in June. You can always email me at:


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