Summer is Here!

Last Friday was the official first day of summer, but the weather has not felt like summer, except when we went on vacation two weeks ago to see family and friends. First we were in St. Louis, where flooding was prevalent in the downtown area, but not in the suburbs where my brother and sister-in-law went, so we stayed in the ‘burbs. The weather was muggy, rainy and hot, so I felt the summer heat.

Our next stop was to see friends from PA who moved five years ago to the Denver/Boulder area. The mornings and evenings were cool/cold and days were warm. Perfect for me! And in Las Vegas, where we visited my son and his wife, the temps rose to 103! But it was dry and not as bad as I had expected.

Here are some photos from the St. Louis Botanical Gardens and from our trip to Colorado. I did not take any photos in Las Vegas, because we were on the strip, with little greenery, except at the pool, which luckily was heavy with palm trees to keep us in the shade.

This photo of greenery on the left with blown glass resembles flamingos and the photo on the right is a pond with onion-shaped glass at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. The blown glass is by glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, whose work I love!


Above is another Chihuly installation of blown glass that is the entrance to the rose garden and below is one of the many lovely flower gardens..


In Colorado, our friends took us to the Garden of the Gods, which is in the same area as Pike’s Peak. We first went to the education center and learned about the area and then walked among the beautiful red rock formations. Below is a postcard from Garden of the Gods. We also went to El Dorado, where we saw brave, young people climbing low mountains, but my photos were not taken close enough for a good view of the climbers.


Far right: Here I am with my husband Alan, walking among the rocks. It is cold enough for me to wear a scarf and wool hat! To the left is another view of the “rock garden.”


Colorado has some wonderful sights and our friends were eager to share their love of these places. It was a wonderful vacation because we saw family, friends, and some lovely flowers and mountains. Wherever you go, enjoy the summer weather!

2 Responses to “Summer is Here!”

  1. Coll Says:

    I also like Chihuly-what stunning pieces. Sounds like quite a trip–a variety of weather
    and exquisite scenery. I have climbed rocks in the Garden of the Gods
    many years ago. Loved the photo of your and Alan. The girl sitting on
    the rock behind you looks as though she has angel wings. We’ve just had
    a beautiful bout of summer weather this past week!!

  2. Carol Says:

    Beautiful pictures. None of Harry and Karen?

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