“Sugar,” a poem by Katie Pfeiffer

Last year I went to a poetry slam at out local library and met Katie Pfeiffer, an artist.  She gave me a copy of her poem, which I misplaced. I found it and planned to put post it around Valentine’s Day & misplaced it again. Actually, it was in the February folder, which was at the bottom of my To Do pile for February. Finally, here it is:


Sugar you are not my friend
You tease me and taunt me
Seduce my tastebuds
You promise me energy
But I always end up crashing
Fill me with dreams
I’m left with empty calories
And body fat

Sugar I love you
why are you so cruel?
you mess with my mind
appear in many guises
pastel colors & pretty packages
you lie still
wait for me

You know I’m weak
especially during
That time of the month

You know I crave you
you’ve got the power
chocolate crunchy
creamy smooth
you are everywhere
but you are nothing

I’m addicted to you
sugar—you devil
why can’t you
just leave me in peace?
I’ve tried so many times
to end our relationship
but I keep coming back.

P.S. Katie’s website is actually her zazzle  store, where she sells her art in various forms, such as t-shirts, posters, etc. Check it out! Her work is very colorful! www.zazzle.com/taurusgal

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