Steve’s Vegetarian Chili for VALENTINE’S DAY

Since I have already posted two poems about LOVE, one on my Home Page and one on the anniversary of meeting my husband right before Valentine’s Day in 2003, I just want to wish everyone a lovely day, whether you are sharing it with a loving friend, a loving pet, or family.  And if you are on vacation in a warm spot, as we were last week (pictures soon on Travel Tales), then I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday. (I may have one more poem @ the end of the month called Loving Late.)

Instead, I have a recipe that I found in my files from several years ago, an award-winning recipe by my vegetarian friend Steve Kochersperger. We made this award-winning chili recipe at the Atherton Hotel with Steve when I lived in State College. I was one of his assistants; he was the chef.  This took place in the late 1990s or early in 2000-2001.

Steve’s Chili


4 Tbs. Olive Oil

1 Tbs. Cumin Seed or Powder

2 tsp. Crushed Red Chili Pepper or Chipotle peppers

1 tsp. Mustard Seed

1 clove Crushed garlic

1 medium Bell Pepper, chopped or grilled red pepper

1/2 cup onion, chopped

1/2 cup carrots, chopped

1 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. each: Oregano, Basil and Marjoram

2 Tbsl Paprika

2 Tbs. Soy Sauce

1/2 cup bulghur or TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein)

1 lb. Chili or Kidney Beans, cooked

6 oz. Tomato paste

2 Tbs. Molasses

Smokin’ Oranges to taste (Hot pepper sauce)


1. Heat oil in a deep sauce pan. Add cumin seeds and crushed red pepper.
Fry ’til smoking; then add mustard seed and garlic.

2. Add chopped vegetables and saute three minutes over medium heat.

3. Add remaining spices, soy sauce and bulghur, stir and cook for 10
additional minutes.

4. Drain beans, but retain liquid. Add beans to vegetables and stir
over medium heat.

5. Add tomato paste, molasses and enough liquid to make a fairly
thick soup (about 2 cups).

6. Reduce heat, cover and simmer at least 30 minutes.

Serve with corn bread and a green salad for a great meal!

This is a photo from the Internet.


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