Spring Poem from Mary Lou Meyers (delayed posting)

NOTE: I had planned to post this last month (National Poetry Month) when we had that spring cold snap and had it lined up, but forgot to put a posting date on it. It may be late, but it is still good reading!
This poem from my classmate Mary Lou seems to mirror the late spring we are having. This photo is one from my recent walk to capture some “pioneer” flowers. (Here’s the link to the poem I call, Pioneers of Spring, posted a few days ago: https://www.menupause.info/archives/21962)
This brave crocus plant, surrounded without spring grass, seems to reflect Mary Lou’s sentiments in her poem….
Forestalled but Recalled
There has been no Spring thus far according to schedule;
the management of the year gone awry,
tempted to become both singular and off the charts
in its in-betweens and its Winter gleanings, its whitenings,
without a brightening that unlatches the first awakening;
that dispatches a fulcrum of cyclical
spinnings of Sunshine intervening,
the length and breadth till it’s almost obsessed
with the stalemate of its intensity
with bowers of flowers erupting,
some stationed until Summer inundates,
brandishing its scorching sword, corrupting
at which time blindness sets in for anything once green.

One thought on “Spring Poem from Mary Lou Meyers (delayed posting)

  1. In recent years, “spring” has become the short season.
    I wish we had more spring moments. It is a pleasure to hear
    the return of many of the birds familiar in the neighborhood.

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