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In the light of Friday’s horrific event at Sandy Hook School, I decided to post this list of values now instead of at the New Year. Somehow we need to raise our children/students to embrace compassionate values so that senseless killings are a thing of the past. This is my wish for the holidays & coming year. I sent this to my children as part of my 75th birthday celebration. My note to them said: Here are the values I hope you have gleaned from me as your mother, heavily influenced by Judaism, Humanism, and life experiences.

One of the memorials @ Newtown, CT. from Yahoo News

Ethical Will from ellensue @ 75

With thanks to Rabbi Jeff

  1. Stay honest with yourself & others.…it eliminates lying.
  2. Be kind to yourself & others. Loving kindness goes a long way to heal wounds.
  3. Be forgiving of your mistakes & those of others who are as perfectly imperfect as you are.
  4. Follow your passion @ least once a week, if not every day. Be it music, art, stamp collecting or reading, get lost in time & return refreshed.
  5. Give to others less fortunate than yourself, whether it is time, money, a helping hand, loving advice, or a kind look. We are all human beings who bleed when hurt.
  6. Have fun with your life. Don’t study or work so hard that you forget to look @ the stars on a summer night, see the changing leaves in Fall, smell the flowers in Spring & watch the snow in Winter. Appreciate Nature.
  7. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Don’t whine & complain without doing something about it; get help when you need it; be thankful for your blessings.
  8. Stay connected to family & friends. Make amends; start over. If you can’t forgive & forget, forgive & move on in peace.
  9. Follow the Golden Rule, and do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

10.  Remember: Love is all there is, and I love all of you!

P.S. I learned from The Hunger Project long ago that there are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch what happens, and those that at the end of their lives, say: “What happened?”  Which one will you be?

This is the Human Rights (new) Logo,which I posted earlier this month. I believe we have the right to safety in our homes, schools, and towns/cities. We need a conversation on how to make that happen. Any comments welcome.

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  1. A belated Happy 75th Birthday. Another milestone!
    Thanks for sharing your list of values.


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