Snowlight & Sunset

Friday morning the snow began and it kept falling all day, until winter had once more returned.  I went shopping and ran errands between 10 am and noon, and by the time I returned home at noon, the snow was heavy, so I stayed home and watched the beautiful “white rain” fall.

When I awoke on Saturday morning, the sun was shining brightly on all the trees covered with snow. There was a glare to the scene; thus, I call this photo snowlight, although the photos doesn’t do justice  to the early sunlight on the snow. The negative side to this storm is that when I went out later Saturday, there were five large tree branches that had been ripped away from the trees and lying across the roads, so snow in its beauty can also do damage, especially with a windy Nor’easter like the one we had Saturday.



A couple of weeks ago we spent five warm and sunny days in Florida. Compare these pictures of a Florida sunset to the snowlight photo above… a world of difference, yet only 2 hours away by plane!



The one above was taken only a two or three seconds before the one below.

2 thoughts on “Snowlight & Sunset

  1. Yes, it was a big weather event. Up in Newburgh
    where we had rain, wind, and snow. It’s very cold
    and WINDY tonight. There are days I wish I was a snowbird.

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