Snopes Report: UNICEF, RED CROSS, and other Charities

A few days ago I posted “A Time to Give” ( and listed The Red Cross. Then a friend told me that the salaries are so high they can’t be using most of their money for disasters. After that, another friend who reads my website emailed me about The Red Cross and sent this link from Snopes:

This article reveals the top salaries of charities, and while I do not begrudge people from earning a good living, earning $1,200,000 to run a non-profit organization, in this case, UNICEF’s CEO is a little over the top.

The American Red Cross is second only to UNICEF, with a 2010 salary of $1,037,000 for the CEO, although an article before that quoted a much lower salary, so I need to investigate this more closely.

Actually, I found the article a bit confusing, since some of the info is noted as being out-of-date and another issue is that of efficiency of each organization. The accurate and inaccurate information are presented in a way I found difficult to figure out, so I plan to print out the entire article and read it more slowly and carefully.

At the end of the article is a link for additional information on America’s Most Efficient Charities, which may be the better way to regard which organizations deserve your hard-earned money. I could not get the link to work, so I Googled the topic and here are two direct links:

My “A Time to Give List” may have to be revised in the future. The best advice I can give is to ask for the company’s year end report, which shows how much money goes to administration and salaries and how much to the actual programs. Then decide what % of each is acceptable to you. And also check with for a company’s standing. Not only do you want to know where your money goes, but how much goes to actually helping the people who are the recipients of your donation.

As you can see, we have our homework cut out for us if we want to give responsibly. Any input is welcome. Thanx, es

3 thoughts on “Snopes Report: UNICEF, RED CROSS, and other Charities

  1. My husband, who was in Korea, said that the Red Cross charged for everything they ever gave him
    as well as his fellow soldiers. The Salvation Army, however, gave from their heart without filling
    their purse strings. He has always been vehement about not contributing to already overly paid
    people, who have a backlog of volunteers, who do much of their work.

  2. Charity Navigator has the info on some charities you want to make the determination to donate or not. No need to ask for the year end report when they’ve done all that work for you!

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