Short List of Books on Midlife & Menopause

Since I am focusing on menopause per se in this month’s posting, I thought I would provide a short list of books that helped me through menopause (and beyond) while going through a bitter divorce. (Many books discuss the emotional aspects of menopause, which can escalate if divorce is also part of the changes.) The books I feel helped me the most will have an *asterick in front of the title. These are ones I will review, if I have not already done so. For example, I already reviewed Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause which you can find in the March 2007 archives.

If you Google Books on Menopause, there will be several links for books on this topic. My list includes the books I have personally found helpful and still use as reference books. However, I have eliminated those published before 1990, so my list is shorter than the books I actually own. Some you will need to buy these books used by Googling the title to see if they are still in print.

Gittleman, Ann Louise. Super Nutrition for Menopause. Common sense approach to menopause with an emphasis on exercise and nutrition.

Greenwood, Sadja, M.D. Menopause Naturally. Basic information on menopause and post-menopause.

Jacobowitz, Ruth. The 150 Most-Asked Questions About Osteoporosis. I like the question-and-answer approach–quick and to the point. The author has also written a “150” book menopause.

*Kamen, Betty. Hormone Replacement Therapy: YES or NO? Nutrition Encounter, Novato, CA. (An excellent book on the pros and cons of HRT.)

Lark, Susan, M.D. The Menopause Self Help Book, Celestial Arts, CA. A guide to help you evaluate and find solutions to issues surrounding menopause. (May be out-of-print, but used copies are available.)

**Northrup, Christiane, M.D. The Wisdom of Menopause. My favorite book on menopause. Honest, informative, and inspiring.

*Roundtree, Cathleen: On Women Turning 50 Harper Collins Publisher.NY. (I believe you may only buy it used.) A wonderful book of interviews celebrating Mid-Life Discoveries by women, many we know from the media, who were turning 50 when the book was published.

Roundtree, Cathleen: On Women Turning 60. Harmony Books, NY. (Also to be purchased used.) More interviews that focus on “Embracing the Age of Fullness,” the subtitle of the book.

Sheehy, Gail. The Silent Passage.Simon & Schuster. A narrative-type book that uncovers the fears and helps women deal with the transition and changes of midlife.

Sacks, Martha. Menopaws: The Silent Meow
A picture book approach to the problems and solutions that menopause may bring. Adorable!

Sand, Galye. Is It Hot In Here or Is It Me? A witty, delightful, and enjoyable look at one woman’s personal journey about the facts, fallacies, and feelings of menopause. authors/8588/Gayle_Sand/index.aspx

Weed, Susan. New Menopausal Years-Wise Woman Ways www.ashtreepublishing. Susan Weed has been conducting workshops in Woodstock, NY for years. Her book emphasizes herbal remedies.

Note: I have successfully purchased out-of-print and/or used books from and


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