September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

If you see someone wearing a turquoise ribbon this month, you will know that this color stands for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. While breast cancer receives all the hype in October, I would like to feature this form of cancer because it receives very little press. Also, my older sister succumed to this deadly cancer 10 years ago, so I feel the need to “talk it up.”

The NOCC has a website: with inspirational stories, a helpline, brochures/newsletters, and an Ovarian
Cancer Quiz. Here is the first one. Click on the quiz link to test yourself.

Ovarian cancer can be detected by a PAP smear. True or False (The answer is false) There are 3 other tests: annual vaginal exam, transvaginal sonography, blood test to see if CA-125 has increased in the blood for women at high risk.

Please go the link & learn more. Thanx, es


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