September 1st: Summer Storm was a Doozie! (Delayed entry because of storm.)

NOTE: I shut down and unplugged my computer yesterday afternoon because of the storm we had with a tornado warning. Where we live outside of Philadelphia, there was flooding but no damage to the neighborhood from what I saw on my walk. For those who had to vacate their homes, I hope they are livable!

Fall is my favorite season, and although summer is not officially over until later in September, the feel of fall is beginning to emerge, like trees starting to lose their chlorophyll and “turning” red, orange or gold, like the one below, with the changes just beginning on one of the back branches..


This fall the back-to-school mentality is strong with each school system having its own rules about masks, virtual or classroom teaching, etc. I applaud teachers who are going back to classrooms and teaching children too young for vaccinations.

My fall cooking classes on ZOOM will feature cookbooks that I own that I feel contain healthful recipes. I will review the book on my website and create a few recipes from the book. The date for this month’s class is Friday, Sept. 24th @ 10:30 am est. I will post a link when the time is closer.  Here is the first book I feature. It is called Serving Up the Harvest: Celebrating the Goodness of Fresh Vegetables by Andrea Chesman.

I also promised to post some information on “brain food,” after completing two books about diet and brain health. I plan to do just that and hopefully have a simple recipe for you to try.

September is also National Menopause Awareness Month. While Menupause started out addressing just menopause and beyond issues, it has morphed into a website to address health in general, with The Good Taste of Health Recipes (my motto), book reviews on health and now more information on the environment, especially food and the environment. Morespecifically, I feature food lower on the food chain, like vegetables. I will look through my files for specific information on menopause and links to articles.

Stay safe, be healthy, and eat foods that reflect “good for you” ingredients, while enjoying a nutritionally sound diet.


Another tree showing definite signs of fall between two trees still “in the green.”

It’s from last fall, so it may be later in September.


2 thoughts on “September 1st: Summer Storm was a Doozie! (Delayed entry because of storm.)

  1. I did not know until I read your message that we should turn off our computer during the storm. Thanks god we did not have any damage in this area.
    Time is really flying out. Fall is on the way. I did put on my light jacket yesterday when I attended the funeral at the cemetery. It was chilly on the top of sadness.
    I am looking forward your cooking class.
    Stay safe.

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