Sending Air Signals of Love on Valentine’s Day by Mary Lou Meyers

My classmate Mary Lou lost her husband David five “long” years ago after 50 plus years of marriage. Her poem is like a love letter to her beloved David and echoes this quote from novelist Sarah Peretsky from her book Breakdown, pub. 2012. Final sentence in Mary Lou’s poem triggered posting the final sentences in Peretsky’s moving novel:

Perfect love casts out fear, we are told. None of us is capable of perfect love, but as we help each other along this difficult journey which is life, the love we bear for one another does ease our burdens. And even in death, that love binds us together; truly, in death, we are not divided.


Red Carnations on my kitchen table for Valentine’s Day


Signals of Love

If you don’t send smiles and laughter
and I care for you ever after
through air kisses and hugs,
there will only be despair left in the thin air;
worse the inability to pick up
after the air-aid signal
all-clear has been dispersed,
and all activities long unrehearsed
come back again on a song’s worth.
Will you then be ready to sing out like crickets,
a continuous filament of chatter that really matters?
Can you locate thoughts that gathered
beyond the staggering few
pronounced through your bonafide mask.
The dream world is made of tougher stuff,
for it abides within stretches of our mind’s worth,
and is always there for our creature comforts.
So much has happened, so much changed
and re-arranged, but your Face remains the same
as real as the sky which triggers,
snowflakes transfigure—.
But there is always an intermission
where we must glean from the oxygenation,
the insight from the “Waiting Game” in-between.
Unlike the snow, there is a Hands Off Policy,
but I’m off-setting it by sending Air kisses of Love
spanning the many miles in-between unlike my dreams
where each of you are pictured in a framework
so dear to me, a vision of clarity in the renewed air,
and a kind of nearness which speaks of your dearness.
Not at arms length anymore, but a hug’s worth.
Even snow has its blue notes depending on whether
the sun is shining through glistening true notes.
We are still subject to the Moon’s call and recall
more persistent than the Sun, but I’ll be
lashed to the winds on days that abrade you
flying on the clouds that inundate you;
while I skate on thin ice holding fast to your image
that will last beyond Time itself.
Each day I pray for the strength to overcome
any obstacles in the way bar none
till we’re back together again.
Till then, see diamond facets gleaming in the sand
or in the snowflakes which cover the land,
and count the breathless moments when Nature
comes to call, and remember it all
till we meet body and soul again. 

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