Savory Sweet Potato Salad


I am able to use many of my patio garden herbs in this recipe in summer and fall, which features sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, although either will work.

Utensils: Pot, cutting board & knife, bowl
Cooking Time: About 20 minutes
Prep. Time: About 10 minutes
Category: Vegan

2-3 medium-sized sweet potatoes or yams
3-4 Tbl. olive oil or other oil of your choice (I mixed walnut with olive oil.)
2-3 Tbl. mixed savory herbs, washed and stems removed. (I used tarragon, rosemary, and sweet marjoram.)

1. Scrub sweet potatoes and peel. Cut into bite-sized chunks.
2. Toss with olive oil and herbs. Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until the potatoes are tender, but not mushy. Check every few minutes, if necessary, by poking a fork into potato chunks.
3. Remove potatoes and place in an attractive bowl garnished with sprouts or lettuce leaves. Can be served right from the oven or chilled and served the next day at room temperature. (Olive oil tends to congeal, so you need to remove the potato salad a few minutes before serving.)
Note: If you are using dried herbs, you need half as much as the recipe calls for. Also, for a more pungent salad, you can use oregano, garlic, thyme, and parsley instead of the savory herbs above. These herbs may work better with white or tiny red new potatoes, which need not be peeled, especially if they are organic.

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