Salat Italiano (Italian Salad)

In every restaurant in Italy there was a list of salads, the most common being the one to the left, called simply: Italian Salad. There was also Salat Misto, which was a plate of mixed greens. My favorite was Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad and if I find organic mozzarella in ping pong ball shape, I can post it. If not, I will just describe it. There was also one called Salad Primavera, which was like the basic salad to the left, with the addition of black olives and tiny pieces of mozzarella cheese.

The salads were super fresh, with a taste of Italian sunshine in every bite. No salad dressing was served, just a jar of olive oil and a jar of balsamic vinegar was on the table with salt & pepper. (I asked for lemon instead of vinegar.) Also, I believe the ingredients were local, but not sure if they were organic, except in one restaurant in which the waiter told us they grew their own organic veggies not far from where we were sitting. Now that’s local!

Note: The platter in the picture was my buy of the week. I picked it up for 50 cents at a yard sale yesterday. The colors are those of the Mediterranean: the blue sky, the blue-green water and the sunshine.

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