Rhyme for Lavenderia: The Art of the Clothesline

Background: At the very end of 2012, Women’s Voices for Change posted my article entitled “Italian Threads: Laundry Memories.” To read the article with photos, click on this link from WVFC: http://womensvoicesforchange.org/wvfc-retro-italian-threads-laundry-memories.htm. I sent the article to The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s travel editor and the article was re-published in February. Kathleen Arleth, a water color artist, read the article on her way back from Philadelphia to her home in Somers Pt., NJ (next to Ocean City). She emailed me to ask  if I would be interested in an exhibit of my laundry photos in her in-home Great Bay Gallery. Surprised by the request, I did say Yes! (Kathleen kindly took care of matting, framing, and reproductions from the computer at her end. After all, I am a writer, not a photographer!)

I had taken 75 photos and we narrowed the list to 27. The exhibit runs from May 22nd-June 22nd. Who knew laundry could be an art form! Kathleen named the exhibit, Lavenderia: The Art of the Clothesline. See my rhyme below (with a few of the photos) about this wonderful experience, with the reception on my half-birthday, June 2nd. (See my two recent postings, Happy Half-Birthday www.menupause.info/archives/11677 and the poem, Anointed Task by my classmate, Marry Lou Meyers, my unofficial poet in residence.  Here’s the link to that poem: https://www.menupause.info/archives/11614).

Rhyme for Lavenderia

The sun was warm, coupled with a breeze—
Perfect for hanging laundry, if you please!
My exhibit was exciting, with photos in black frames.
Kathleen hung them perfectly; under each picture—laundry names.

Pictures taken in Italy from two weeks on vacation.
Capturing laundry—an artistic creation.
Who knew laundry lines could be an art topic?
Would others think it so, or was I myopic?

Evidently, the Great Bay Gallery thought clotheslines were art,
and 27 of them were mounted —— Be still my heart!
A joyful day of laundry lines with friends near and far.
Will they sell? No matter; this will not mar….

My “15 minutes of fame” that soon will be over,
But the memory of this day will not.
What a wonderful half-birthday celebration.
Great Bay & friends—thanks a lot!!

*Italian for laundry

Notes: The gallery show will last until 6 pm**, Sat., May 22nd in Somers Pt., NJ on Bay Avenue, a very short street with a few restaurants and the lovely gallery owned and operated by Kathleen Arleth, with exhibits all summer long. (www.greatbayartgallery.com/‎)

Special thanks to local writers, Roz Warren and Joyce Eisenberg, for leading me to WVFC & The Philadelphia Inquirer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pictures in the exhibit, please email me for details: menupause.info@gmail.com.

**I originally thought it was 4 pm, so this is the correct time.















5 thoughts on “Rhyme for Lavenderia: The Art of the Clothesline

  1. Wonderful photos — and great captions for each one. Congratulations, Ellen Sue! You are SO talented!

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