Reversing the Calendar by Mary Lou Meyers

Snow came Friday and this poem by my classmate Mary Lou Meyers is perfect!
P.S. UPdate: More snow today, March 14th, so even more editing!

Spring was almost here in February,
but Winter’s come again
as if our worst fears were realized,
the bright reservoir of Hope tarnished
when blossoms almost showing their colors
are famished by the cold,
and flowers forever put on hold.

Reparations were yet to be paid
Winter derelict in not doing its duty
before such wonder could be made.
Our debt to winter’s subordinate Will Power
withholding blossoms
is a prefix before the manuscript of flowers.
Still we are subservient to Nature’s Will
to fulfill.

Duty to withhold because of the lack of sustained cold
when a wonderland of snow and ice
makes us subservient to Nature’s Will
to fulfill its promise of blossoms.

The only repair is for the seasons to be reversed,
Spring turn into Winter again unrehearsed.
Outrageous as it may seem,
it’s anybody’s dream
but the consummation of blossoms to leaf into fruit
needs somehow to be proved.

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