Recovery Rhymes

During the first two years after my separation in 1990, I wrote lots of rhymes to keep me sane.  Some of them will be posted in the manual of survival tips, but others won’t fit into the topic, so I will post them under Ramblings.  When I finished the rhymes I wanted to publish, I went to a quick print shop with $100 and the printer gave me 18 copies. Since 18 in Hebrew numerology means LIFE, I thought this was perfect.

Here is the cover, drawn by dear friend Karen Humphrey, who with her wonderful spouse Jack, took me into their house the first week-end my husband moved out. Jack stayed with me all night while I cried and slept and cried some more. Then I went to their house and rested and sat in on a spiritual meeting with their friend from India. So the cover has deep meaning for me.Rec

Here is the first rhyme, which is the introductory one to the booklet.




 God blessed me with a silver tongue; I’ve had this gift since I was young.

 I used to curse my vocalizing, ‘cause all it brought was chastising.

 Now I see this gift was meant –obviously was heaven-sent—

 to use the words to heal, not wound, those souls who feel they are marooned;

 to cry in pain while all alone; no one to love, no ringing phone.

 Words to soothe the saddest beast & mend the heart, at least, at least.

 God blessed me with the gift of rhymes, enough, indeed for all my lifetimes.

 I plan to use them all in turn; they keep me sane; they teach, I learn.



6 thoughts on “Recovery Rhymes

  1. How perfect the rhymes, and the best is you “recovered”. It is tough in the beginning.

  2. Not just the beginning. I spent years in recovery and sometimes wonder if recovery ever ends! es

  3. Hi, I don’t like commenting on relationships but I did find this helpful on this topic. TY

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