Recipes for Thanksgiving from Nava Atlas

In the Spring, I reviewed Nava Atlas’ wonderful cookbook, Vegan Holiday Kitchen. Here’s the link: At that time I asked her permission to post more recipes for the holidays in the fall. The first one is from her website ( and the other two are in her cookbook and on her website.




Here’s the link to the first recipe for stuffing:


Next link is for Pumpkin or Squash Mini-Loaves from p. 67 of Nava’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen and her website:


Finally, here is the link to Nava’s Hot Artichoke and White Bean Spread, also in her book on p. 80.


P.S. I purposely chose these recipes, because I think they might be appeal to you whether or not you are a vegan. If you would rather use your traditional Thanksgiving recipes, try these soon in case you want to have a new dish on a future holiday table. Many thanks to Nava Atlas for sharing her recipes. Again, her website is: (

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