Quote from Anne Frank

A couple of years ago I received a large postcard from SUNY Empire State College, where I received a second bachelor’s degree in the 1990s. This card was to wish the alumni a peaceful and joyous new year. I keep it because it is a great reminder for me. I had planned to use it on this January 1st, but I posted something else. However, before January ends I wanted to post it to remind you there are 11 more months to achieve your goals for 2020, and hopefully one will include this quote:



How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting

to improve the world.     ~ Anne Frank-March 26, 1944



Whatever plans, goals or resolutions you have made, I hope  one of them is to pick a group, or an organization, a a cause, etc. that you believe in and work in some way to support your choice, whether by mailing letters to your congressperson, signing petitions, going to a rally, or saying a prayer. I plan to posting more petitions that relate to food and the environment. It is one of the ways I can improve the world by sharing information that I receive from  my research, from my friends, and from my reading.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive, safe and green 2020 for everyone reading my postings!

Thank you, ellensue


P.S. Just realized that Chinese New Year is Jan. 25th – Feb. 8th, so hope to (re)post something to celebrate the year of the rat!

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