Quilt Fiesta! and Sew Embellished! by Cheryl Lynch

My Note: I met Cheryl Lynch at Lonni Rossi’s fabric store when I went to interview Lonni. (To read the profile, click on: https://www.menupause.info/archives/7868.) Cheryl had brought a sample of her quilting, using Lonni’s wonderful original designs.  As we talked, Cheryl told me about her books. Here are those books, hopefully brought to life.

Quilt Fiesta! and Sew Embellished! are two beautifully illustrated quilt books by Cheryl Lynch, published by Martingale and photographed by Brent Kane. This dynamic duo has two different themes, as different as they are fascinating.

Quilt Fiesta! is based on Lynch’s vacation in Cabo San Lucas, where she fell in love with Mexican Folk Art, especially the tiles with corner designs, reminders of her own quilt designs. Tiles of Mexico, especially her trip to Puebla, Mexico in 2009 became her inspiration for quilts. It is known as “The City of Tiles” and in her book she calls it a magical place. The book has large photos of some of the places she visited in Mexico, with emphasis on the tiles, which she translates into quilt patterns in her book.

Sew Embellished! draws upon the author’s love of accessories. As she says in the Introduction, “Accessories speak to me, whether the accessories are for personal adornment or to dress up my house or my table….The edge of a quilt is a perfect place to have fun with additional design details.” Incorporating her love of beads and embroidery was the starting point for this book, which is evident in the many wonderful photos of Cheryl’s handiwork.

As noted, both of these 8 ½” X 11” soft-cover quilting manuals have glorious photos by Kane that jump off the page and say, “Make me! No, make me!” My own love of quilting drew me to these books, not only because of the many patterns included, but also because the Introductions are very personal and draw the reader into the many pages of patterns, colors, buttons, etc.

Quilt Fiesta! has 10 projects to explore and create,  as well as a section called From Inspiration to Design. The detailed instructions with diagrams are a quilter’s delight.  Sew Embellished! has sections such as Embellishing with Beads, Buttons and Beautiful Things; Dressing Up the Edges; and Fabric Options. Eight projects, as well as an Inspiration Gallery and Resources following this helpful information. It is quite comprehensive, and since I enjoy trim and accessories myself, a great book from which to glean ideas.

A note about the Inspiration Gallery: Lynch writes: “I put my heart into every piece I create.” You can also see by looking through the books that she also puts her heart into these books. They are done with care, with love, and with great creativity.  They also make a colorful addition to books you display on your cocktail table by your couch. Even guests who don’t quilt will love the photos skillfully executed by Brent Kane.

Cheryl Lynch has done a wonderful job of bringing Mexican tiles to life and making accessorizing your quilts an art form. Quilt Fiesta! with 95 pages, costs $26.99, while Sew Embellished! with 80 pages, costs  $24.99. They are available on line or at fabric and craft stores. If you go on line, you can see some of the fabulous photos on both Martingale’s website (www.shopmartingale.com) and Cheryl’s.  Cheryl’s website is www.CherylQuilts.com and her blog spot is www.CherylLynchQuilts.blogspot.com.

Happy reading & quilting!





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