Protecting Awesome Autumn

Trees are one of our most precious renewable natural resources. Not so coincidentally, a couple days after writing this rhyme, I received a solicitation from American Forests, and on the front of the envelope is this:

The colors of autumn are a gift we can’t waste. Help Protect Our Forests!

(I could not agree more and will post more info about this organization in a  few days.)

Awesome Autumn

As autumn leaves fall softly to the ground…
Slightly burnished, making not one sound.

I celebrate this colorful season,
And Mother Earth for every good reason.

But I need to address all my fears,
So this lovely season never disappears!

Keep planting trees to save the earth,
A lofty effort with priceless worth.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Awesome Autumn

  1. Nice poem. The National Wildlife Conservancy plans to plant a mission trees.
    The Arbor Day Foundation has tree-planting projects all over.

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