Post Election & Veterans Day: We the People by Harvey P. Davis, veteran of WWII


Note: The Wounded Warriors Project is one you may want to investigate for the link between the COVID-19 impact and financial crisis among vets. Here’s a link for more info:

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Since last Tuesday, Election Day, I have not posted because I was anxious and unfocused until the week-end. Now I can breathe! And I have combined honoring veterans of all wars with a review of 94-year old army veteran Harvey P. Davis’  book, We the People, poems about America, democracy, Trump, etc., which seem perfect both for post-election highs and lows as well as Veterans Day. Here’s a quick review with a poem. I hope to post more of his poems during the next few months.


P.S. I had the privilege and pleasure of typing and editing many of the poems and know Harvey personally. His book was a “crash-course” for me in American history and especially African-American history, information I never learned in school.


We the People

We the people” are perhaps the most significant people we know.

When it comes to our country and its many successes, we can show

That it is  when, “We the People,”

work together, our growth has a guarantee.

Look at what has been accomplished in almost 250 years.

Just look and see.


Our forefathers, in writing a constitution, were wide beyond their years.

It is when we follow their wisdom that we avoid man-induced tears.

It is true that in our history we have not always acted as one nation.

When the tragedy of the Civil War struck us, it caused much frustration.


It tore apart our country and caused the deaths of our sons and daughters.

An unnecessary  incident in our country, forgetting the “We,” we caused slaughter.

“We” is an important part of that statement, because it means togetherness.

Together, we can handle the problem the nation faces and reduce the stress.


It means we recognize the value of what each person contributes to the whole.

“We” also means that each one bears a responsibility as a member of the fold,

To make sure that the term includes the wisdom and opinion of everyone we see.


This 157 page book, 8 1/2″ X 11″ is filled with history rhymes and photos of historical significance and sells for $25 (hard copy includes postage). I think it is a perfect gift for anyone, especially teens who often find history boring, as I did. This book is enlightening
and entertaining at the same time!

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by HARVEY PAUL DAVIS | Oct 12, 2020
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