Politics, Food & MenuPause: My Position

When I started this blog-turned-website in March 2003, my intention was to promote a healthy lifestyle for women in midlife and beyond. The subtitle was “Recipes & Remedies for the Zest of Your Life,” with an emphasis on food and nutrition to promote post-menopausal zest. Over time this concept morphed into some additional topics, such as book reviews on health, environmental issues surrounding Planet Earth, profiles of women (mostly), travel tales, exercise, etc., going somewhat beyond the original sub-title, but never delving into politics per se, unless they had to do with food, nutrition, the environment, and women’s issues or topics women might find helpful. (Men also read my postings, which I love!)

With the 2016 presidential campaign, the election, and its aftermath, I received not only online petitions and solicitations about the topics above from, for example,  Friends of the Earth and Center for Science in the Public Interest, but also those related specifically to issues surrounding The White House cabinet appointees, boycotting the inauguration, and other controversial topics not related to MenuPause’s profile.

I respond to almost all the petitions, and especially to those that align themselves with MenuPause topics. However, even though some of the other food blogs have become more political about the election and Donald Trump’s presidency, I have decided to stay with my original philosophy when I blog. If a hot White House topic, ex. choosing a new member of the Supreme Court, comes in my email, I may forward it to my family and close friends, but I do not feel MenuPause is the right venue. So almost all of what you will read has to do with recipes & remedies for the zest of your life, with recipes including food ideas and issues as well as actual recipes, and remedies incorporating suggestions for a healthier body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle.

Below is a sample of what I mean. It is a rhyme I wrote when I co-owned a health food store and realized that most corporate food companies’ main criterion was their bottom line profit, with little or no regard for our health. Lobbies that push for these values create a “politics of food” issue, and that I feel is appropriate for posting on MenuPause. I hope this distinction is clear and acceptable. Comments welcome!




We eat food all day long and
often it’s food that’s very wrong.

Too much (bad) fat
Too much salt
Too little fiber
Who’s at fault?

Companies often hide
What the box holds inside
Misleading labels that say “fat-free”
With loads of sugar—just as bad, you see!

What we need is food that’s real.
Skip the chemicals–too easy to conceal.

Eating overly processed food—
Playing with fire.
Diet-related diseases
Grow higher & higher.

Real food for breakfast
Fresh salad for lunch
More greens at dinner
& natural snacks to munch.

Nothing more need I say.
Why not try Real Food today?

5 Responses to “Politics, Food & MenuPause: My Position”

  1. Lois Says:

    Good for you! It is lovely to have a safe place to go without side issues or those that put worms in my stomach and elevate my heartbeat. Thank you.

  2. Coll Says:

    The fallout from the Election and the ensuing Executive orders are enough to upset my digestion.
    All praise to you, ES, for keeping your focus tried and true. Despite many policies that may trickle down, to my purse, I will not let what goes on in the Royal White House spoil my personal life as there is much to cherish and enjoy. Let poetry, music, art, outdoor walks, friends and family prevail at home at least! And nothing spoil my appetite for the pursuit of shared happiness. And let there by no pause in menopause! Wow, almost 14 years. Well done.

  3. Coll Says:

    Correction: Let there ‘be’ no pause in menopause. (need to better proofread!)

  4. Honey Carolyn Friedman Says:

    I respect your approach. And I also respect that you continue to take action personally on issues that require our voices to be heard. Food has for many years been a political and corporate issue, for which I have for many years been active and cannot ignore. I know you will choose from your heart and mind about what you choose to share.
    With love and respect,

  5. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Many thanx! es

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